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TIMTS inaugurates Robotics Centre at the Hyderabad Institute of Technology and Management; AICRA to certify

Date: November 9, 2020
Place: Hyderabad

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan was launched to support the Indian economy and to strengthen India’s stand in the worldamidst the COVID 19 pandemic. But the structural reforms in the society can only be witnessed when skill development becomes the backbone of this ambitious program. Skilling, up-skilling, and re-skilling of India’s youth, who are also the future workforce, will play a crucial in the success of the government’s vision. To carry forward the government’s vision of Aatmanirbhar Bharat- Industry 4.0, a Robotics Centre of Excellence (CoE) has been initiated at the Hyderabad Institute of Technology and Management (HITAM). This next-generation Robotics and Artificial Intelligence lab has been set-up in association with Times Institute of Management and Technical Studies (TIMTS), New Delhi, and has been approved by the National Productivity Council (NPC), Ministry of Education, Government of India.

The major purpose of this “Robotics Centre” is to impart all necessary skills to develop various robots with the help of upcoming emerging technologies, which in turn help the students to participate in various national & international events. During the inauguration of the Robotics CoE, an accreditation certificate of the All India Council for Robotics and Automation (AICRA) was presented by Mr. Navin Chhabra, Operations Head, TIMTS to Dr. J Shiva Kumar, Principal HITAM College.AICRA is focused on building the architecture integral to the development of the automation sector through policy advocacy, and help in setting up the strategic direction for the sector to unleash its potential and dominate newer frontiers.While inaugurating, Mr. Navin explained the importance and significance of this center and Dr. J Shiva Kumar congratulated the team members for setting up the Robotics CoE. India as a nation can do anything if guided and supported correctly. The youth of the nation, which is the workforce of the future is the biggest power of the country.India’s 1.3 billion young and ambitious demographic is one of the key engines driving the country to its path to a USD 5 trillion economy, and for India to fulfill its potential, it must ensure that its youth today is fully equipped to embrace the jobs of tomorrow. The only solution to fix the gap here is the knowledge & skill development of the upcoming generation workforce. Though we know the benefits of I 4.0, there will also be a set of challenges that the industry will face. In the next phase of PMKVY, the government is shifting its focus more towards demand-driven skill development, digital technology, and skills about Industry 4.0 so that the unemployment rate can be brought down. Mr. Pagidipalli Praveen and Mr. Thurai Sai Sharat,Senior Assistant Professors of the mechanical engineering department are the facilitators and core team members of the robotics center.As of now,more than 150 students have registered for this robotics center, for which 15 faculties from mechanical engineering, computer science and engineering, electronics and communications engineering, electronics and electrical engineering, science, and humanities department will act as a mentor for the participants.Students will get a certificate after successful completion of O, A & B level of robotics learning modules by AICRA.Mr. Prashanth Arutla, Chairman of the HITAM college conveyed his best wishes for the fruitful outcome of the “Robotics Centre”. About AICRA: AICRA isa not-for-profit organization that is the apex body, setting up standards in Robotics & Automation and education industry as well as helping over 3500+ members organizations and professionals to solve difficult technical problems while enhancing their leadership and personal career capabilities.