How to get names of top 300 companies who are members of AICRA India?

All India Council for robotics and automation stand as the torchbearers in robotics and automation by supporting over 3500+ member organizations and professionals to unravel complicated problems related to technology.

Ever since its launch, AICRA has often favored various institutions and organizations directly or through alliances. AICRA is centered around nurturing both non-profit and for-profit initiatives to construct models.  With the purpose to provide substantial advancement in robotics and automation across India, AICRA has adopted many initiatives to connect with industries.

The organization is now working with distinct stakeholders including corporates, foundations, government, and community-based organizations.AICRA is India’s largest community of robotics and automation specialists. The members of the organization are eligible to use the brand and flourish in their respective fields. There are multiple ways to join the community.

How to become a part of AICRA

  • Companies and institutes can join by direct sponsorship for supporting robotics skill development and engagement programs.
  • They can join by establishing a robotic skill development structure. There will be an agreement between AICRA and the corporate.
  • Build corporate-owned robotics and automation skill training institute through affiliated AICRA Training partner.
  • Organizations and AICRA together can develop a robotics lab that offers training support to students.
  • Provision of building, lands, and other equipment to support existing programs that operate through AICRA training partner.
  • Participate with AICRA to develop the robotics industry in India by aligning your business operations.
  • Join AICRA by becoming a non-funding training partner

AICRA has the objective to develop a large community by spreading its ideas related to automation and robotics. A large population that understands these technologies can better provide for the future of India.

AICRA’s membership services allow members to be a part of various policy events, access various content channels and find probable buyers to their products, can interact with others and effectively build their brand, find potential candidates for job positions by job posting, avail services such as media outreach, training, magazine subscriptions, sponsored content, highlight the brand through AICRA events and become a member of the AICRA organized delegations. Any company registered under the relevant state act with an objective compatible with AICRA is eligible for membership.

Till now, several top organizations are a part of AICRA which avails all the mentioned benefits. If you are one among the eligible list, apply now to become a part of the All India Council for robotics and automation.

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