Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility
The companies act 2013 replaced the Companies Act of 1956. The new Act has made far-reaching changes affecting company formation, administration, governance, and incorporates an additional section 135. which lays down certain requirements, expected of companies, pertaining to the execution, fund allotment and reporting on CSR. Now days the emerging concept to CSR is focusing on going beyond charity. Across the globe companies are increasingly recognizing the strategic importance of building business practices that result in sustainable bottom lines, sustainable economies, environments and societies.
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AICRA'S Engagement

AICRA has implemented CSR Programmes in field of robotics, IOT and AI technology, in partnership with corporate houses and development organizations, as well as directly with the communities. AICRA also tied up with various other NGO/Trusts who are working towards development of technologies. Few of the latest initiatives are
  • Low cost robotics kit development for a project of Department of Science & Technology for building awareness in interiors' of India.
  • Development of AI enabled, sensor based pollution control devices that can be used in slums and industrial areas to collect data to forecast future diseases.
  • Free boot camps in tier 3 cities and villages' schools to increase awareness of robotics technology.