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Future technologies will create more opportunities in the country

Published on: March 11, 2019 Dr Debapriya Dutta

As the technologies grow, the aspirations of the people of the country grow. As the economic and social growth takes places, it adds to the aspiration of the people. Presently we can say that the aspiration of Indian today is different from those who resided in the nation post Independence, i.e., during 1947 year. Aspiration of rural Indian today is different. Information & communication technology (ICT) has changed the thought process of people of the nation residing in any corner of the country. It has huge network. Rural youth has almost the same aspiration as the urban youth. When there is lack of opportunities to fulfill the aspiration of the people today. Here comes the role of future technologies to fulfill the aspiration of the people just by providing the required opportunities to them. Such future technologies can fill up the gap of lack of opportunities in the country.