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TGSC Aerospace

About Technology Governance Steering Committee in Aerospace:

Technology Governance Steering Committee (TGSC) in Aerospace attempts to meet the needs of a large and diverse constituency, which includes practitioners, researchers, educators, policy makers, regulators and users. The scope of this TGSC shall be to consider various aspects of technology industry across various verticals of aerospace and the ethical use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning through robotics and automation whose applications are both for civilian and military usage. Therefore, the study and scope is sensitive and the TGSC shall be working closely with concerned Government ministry and department which monitors, regulates and set guidelines for the ethical use of AI, robotics and automation. Data and AI are merging into a synergistic relationship, where AI is useless without data and mastering data is insurmountable without Artificial Intelligence. TGSC’s efforts shall provide impetus for the elevation of AI and Machine Learning in Aerospace sector.

For Co-ordination, please contact Dr Sabyasachi Ghosh