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Global Trade Development

The Global Trade Development initiative at AICRA aims to provide a conducive business environment to technology companies (dealing in robotics, automation, artificial intelligence) to establish and grow in India markets. Through market development opportunities, policy interventions and alliances, the initiative helps the industry to build stronger and deeper relationships with overseas clients and other local stakeholders.

India being a fastest growing economy and developing country as well as supplier of top technical talent pool, It has also created immense opportunities within country itself. Global players and new tech companies eyeing India as a great potential market. Several high growth and under-penetrated regions look promising for the technology business. Through focused activities, delegations, events, summits, cross table meetings arrangement, research reports and country chapters, the global trade initiative aims to increase business opportunities and partnerships for participating companies across. Policy advocacy is a key pillar for the initiative. AICRA actively works with its partners and members to represent key challenges faced by industry in key markets and also enables the same for global companies in India.

A new robot density metric could make analysis and comparison of robotics adoption and use across countries more accurate, helping companies and governments as they plan for the future.

Initiatives by AICRA

The AICRA Global business team deploys a multi-format, multi-stakeholder approach to raise awareness about the Indian robotics industry globally. In doing so, we leverage our existing collaborations across stakeholders e.g., Governments, member companies, industry associations and customer organizations worldwide. Various platform e.g., summits, conferences, workshops, seminars, competitions are utilized.

Exploring Opportunities Globally:

Organizing various summits and meetings with other countries delegations; with the aim to expose Indian companies as potential partners, providing networking opportunities and exploring business opportunities.

Research Report:

In association with various research agencies, leaders in domain, AICRA makes several reports on robotics industry landscape.

Partnership with International Organizations:

AICRA is in process of signing off MoUs with leading global associations in robotics & AI industry that would help each other to share database and helping members to facilitate in exploring opportunities.

Technology transfer:

Coordinating with companies, governments to ensure easiness of technology transfer and not impacted by policy interventions in different countries.

Research Report & Verification:

To minimize the business risks cross border, AICRA helps with data and making complete market research report as well as goodwill cross check of the companies both side.