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B Level

'B' level program of AICRA has been recognized as Specialized Program, equivalent to an Advance Level of Certification in Robotics Education. Students can acquire this qualification by undergoing this program and passing the examination conducted by AICRA. Working professionals can also appear in this examination directly, provided they possess the requisite educational qualification as indicated below.


Online examination for 'B' level is being held only under the diversified syllabus from January 2018 onwards. Certificate will be issued to candidates, who are registered at 'B' level and have successfully completed all modules under the diversified syllabus for 'B' level, including compulsory module of Project work. Direct registrants can apply for examination by paying INR 1500 + GST /- online or by Demand Draft in favour of AICRA payable at New Delhi.

B - Level Curriculum

  • Introduction to Embedded System
  • Building blocks of Embedded System
  • Overview of Processor/controller architecture
  • Overview of Memory
  • Input Output ports
  • Power supply
  • Design parameter for embedded system
  • Example of Embedded system ACVM
  • Introduction to digital logic block
  • Flip flop, ADC, DAC, Timer and Counter
  • Memory
  • Digital devices used in embedded system design
  • Introduction to 8 bit microcontroller
  • Intel 8051, and ARM based microcontroller architecture
  • Embedded C Programming concept
  • Function, variable, data types, array, pointer, file operation
  • Interfacing Dot matrix LED module
  • Interfacing Seven segment display module
  • Introduction to ARM microcontroller
  • ARM microcontroller architecture
  • ARM microcontroller pin diagram
  • ARM microcontroller Instruction set
  • Applications of ARM Microcontroller
  • Introduction of LPC2138 microcontroller
  • Sensor Interfacing with LPC2138
  • Motor control using LPC2138
  • SPI & I2C communication with ARM
  • CAN protocol with ARM
  • Introduction to various wireless communication technologies
  • Interfacing wireless Communication devices with ARM microcontroller
  • Project based wireless Technology using ARM based microcontroller
  • Introduction of Gesture controlled robot
  • Working Procedure